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Out of Home

Guerrilla marketing offers an unconventional (and usually disruptive) approach to out-of-home marketing that drives viral word of mouth. While this type of street-level marketing also encompasses more traditional mediums like postering and brand ambassadorships, the goal is often to build messaging that stands out from the daily news cycle and tell your story in a more impactful way. Because of that, many of the most successful campaigns are highly customized, drawing from multiple disciplines to build a collaborative message about your brand.

Guerrilla Marketing consultant stands in from of wall covered in posters as a great example in guerrilla marketing.

We’ll work to understand the goal of your guerrilla marketing initiative, creating an integrated strategy that moves the needle on your objectives.


Once we’ve agreed on an approach, 1205 will begin scoping locations, gathering permits, and negotiating artists fees, rentals, and any other elements.


We’ll make sure that your campaign stays fresh, managing press, refreshing your creative elements, and adjusting our strategy according to response.


Measuring the impact of guerrilla marketing campaign efforts can be challenging. We’ll help you formulate unique ways to tell the story of your campaign’s impact.

Our Approach to Guerrilla Marketing Services

From local retail placements, to large multi-market campaigns, 1205 can help you make a statement with guerrilla marketing. Our unique integrated approach helps tie your out-of-home campaigns together over every channel, leveraging tools like digital follow-alongs to drive greater visibility into the impacts of your initiatives.

We offer almost three dozen active guerrilla marketing partnerships in major US markets with access to over a hundred global audiences. That means that 1205 can plan, build, and implement your guerilla marketing initiatives quickly and successfully, wherever you want them seen.