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Digital Marketing

Your organization’s website forms the root of your digital footprint and is one of the only parts of the digital experience you truly own. Marketing enabled websites offer the next generation in design and development and are both planned and implemented with the goal of meeting a core metric, such as views, purchases, traffic, discoverability, and the ability to measure success around that metric.

Professional working on website design and development on a mac keyboard in modern office space.

Work with 1205 to map each step in your visitor’s journey, from acquisition to advocacy. We work to plan online experiences, rather than react to them.


We’ll start with a creative brief and information architecture, move on to hand-drawn wireframes and finally high-definition working prototypes.


1205 developers will bring your site to life, work hand-in-hand with your design and online marketing teams to optimize your digital footprint.


Once your site is launched, we’ll stick around to help you understand how your site is performing and what you can do to keep growing online engagement.

Our Approach to Website Design & Development Services

Investing in a new website is likely one of the biggest and most potentially impactful decisions your business can make. Our approach to design and development is based in the idea that the most effective websites go beyond your products and services. They serve to provide great brand experience that make you more discoverable and easy to do business with, as well as generate deep insights into who your best customers are and how they’re engaging with your brand.

Getting input from a professional marketing team about how to optimize your digital footprint then is a crucial first step to making your website investment worth every penny. 1205 strategists, designers, and developers understands the entire digital ecosystem and will help you consider key factors in the development of  your website or application before, during, and after your project.