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Building Brands that Build Advocacy.

Brand materials are the hardest working creative assets you have. They deserve more than just a new logo; they deserve a day at the spa. The 1205 branding process goes deeper, offering a framework for thinking critically about your organization’s unique voice – one that helps build a compelling story line which drives ownership across channels.

Branding services start with the development of your organizational profile, including creative brief, competitive analysis, and marketplace research. We’ll work to create beautiful high-impact logos and icons as well as a full style guide that describes how (and how not) to use them. Finally we’ll define a strong brand narrative that helps you speak across channels with a consistent voice.


Recent Branding Projects

What to Know About Branding Services from 1205

The 1205 branding services team – made up of skilled designers, communications experts, and analysts – has over 20 years’ experience working to develop brand marketing from the point of conception to completion. We understand how personal brands are and work to balance your creative direction with the type of guidance and professional support that will deliver the best results for your business.

The most successful brands on the planet are defined as much by the loyalty they inspire as their visual aesthetic. 1205’s unique approach to branding services works on both fronts. We leverage strategy to define your position, give customers a way to recognize you, and a methodology for keeping your voice consistent between all the places your customers now spend time.

Branding Builds Relationships that Last a Lifetime

Integrated Branding Services

As an integrated agency, we’re constantly working to understand how great branding impacts and can amplify other components in your marketing mix. Logos and other brand marks are important to recognition, but it’s important to understand what gives them value.

We work to build symbiotic branding strategies that increase the value of what your brand stands for through design, content, digital, and communications marketing strategies.